Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Introducing... Hairsticks!

Pull your hair back with these pretty hair accessories. Meant to pull hair out of your face whenever the need arises!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wine Glass Shuffle

Your "AHA" moment

Indulge me please and tell me true.
Has this ever happened to you?

Yep, so here it is. The month you love to hate. MARCH. Long, dreary and depressing... March. drags on and on. and on. and on. ugh.. Then you start thinking... Hmmm, when was the last time I actually even saw one of my friends in person (and  no, I'm not referring to their cutesy Kindergarten picture they posted on Facebook last week )

Suddenly you have an "AHA" moment. That's it! I will have a GNO. (that stands for Girls Night Out -no dumb questions here!) Yes, that IS it.  So you make the phone calls and follow up with an e-mail. It'a all set -a week from Friday. Woo Hoo!

Looks nice right? Uh...think again.
It's just a matter of time until 'till "the Inevitable" happens.

So... You pull out your fave cookbook for a little appertif inspiration. Then your little gizmo with the list of drink recipes. Hmmm, cosmos? Maybe. Or how about homemade Sangria with organic fruit? Well whatever drink you choose, you will inevitably have a problem. A problem you ask? Yeah. And I'm not talking about breaking it to Cara that her new 'Ravin Raven' haircolor really doesn't bring out her baby blues either.

After your bffs' first drink (and maybe still during) the inevitable question WILL be asked  "Hey, which one is mine?"  Then it will be asked again. and again. Igh igh igh! Like March- ENOUGH already. Afterall, there's lots of valuable catching up to do, who wants to search for lost drinks all night?

The good news? There is a solution. Finally! A solution to this annoying time waster of a problem. What- you haven't heard??

they're NEW. they are FABULOUS!
come Sassy or Sweet!

by Locks of Pizazz 

Yes, identifying jewelry for your wine glass. or martini, or champagne! Whatever poison is your potion, get back to the important issues at hand. Catching up, having a laugh, and appreciating the moment with your girlfriends who know you best. Oh yeah, and one more thing? May as well make it a sleepover. Cuz unlike a cocktail glass and a sassy gal wine charm, drinking and driving just don't mix.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

So… What is polymer clay anyway?

I get that question alot at shows. So I recently added this to my display table. Great for the guys to read as they tag along (whoops I mean shop!) with their wives or girlfriends. ;-) 

Here's the technical part via Wikipedia:

Polymer clays all contain a basis of PVC and one or more of several kinds of liquid plasticizer.[1] Pigments may be added to the translucent base to create a variety of colors, along with small amounts of kaolin or white china clay or other opaquing agents where opacity is desired. Mica may be added to simulate pearlescent and metallic effects. Traditional polymer clay hardens by curing at temperatures created in a typical home oven, generally at 265 to 275 °F (129 to 135 °C), for 15 minutes per 1/4" (6 mm) of thickness, and does not shrink or change texture during the process.

The history of polymer clay as an art medium is only decades long, unlike many media that have been around for centuries and have long traditions. This newness means that there is a great deal of innovation by users of polymer clay. Often, ideas are born by borrowing from the traditions of some other materials, such as metalworking (mokume-gane), ceramics, glass (millefiori, lampwork), paper, etc. There also is extensive derivation inside the medium itself, as the attributes of this accessible medium lend themselves to sharing and copying.
Leading brands of polymer clay include Fimo; Sculpey, Premo and Studio by Sculpey, created by Polyform Products; Cernit; Formello; Modello; and Kato Polyclay. These can be found in most large chain craft stores, as well as online and smaller craft retailers.

Here's the subjective part- My two cents

Polymer clay is a wonderful and versatile medium to work in. I find it the perfect material for designing jewelry due to its lightweight properties, which in turn provides more comfort for the wearer. It is also very durable, and does not need to be removed when in water. (Of course any piece of jewelry should be treated with a little TLC.) I joke that I picked it up 3 years ago and have not put it down since. There is just something about polymer clay… I strongly suggest you try it! With a word of warning though: There just may be no turning back… 

Recent works below highlighting my over 1 year long design obsessions: 
Polymer clay, damask design and glorious Rhinestones

Polymer Clay Earrings-
Image Transfer Method
Modern Poppy Polymer Clay Earrings
-Lightweight yet durable
Polymer Clay Love Pendant
Adorned with Rhinestones



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