Friday, May 22, 2009

Traditionally Spring is the busy season for most hair salons across the country. As formal social engagements abound, so does the need for new and elegant looks for hair. From the demure bride-to-be, the first time prom attendee, to the seasoned socialite- all are in search of a new look for their “most precious” asset.


Locks of Pizazz! Is the brainchild of jewelry and accessory designer Emily Bittner. The artist remarks, “There are so many wonderful designers focusing on interesting and unique jewelry for the body. While I do create some body jewelry, I really have felt the need to create a new area of focus –women’s hair.  I am someone who has had her share of ‘hair envy’ due to genetically straight fine locks. Once I began designing custom barrettes and ponytail holders, however, I really began to enjoy accessorizing in this new way. I actually like how my hair looks most days!”


Locks of Pizazz! offers trendy and chic hair jewelry wholesale to salons. Collections such as The Collette Series include damask bobby pins adorned with vintage rhinestones-great for shorter styles. Beautiful calla lily hair chopsticks so perfect for updos are part of the Dahlia Series. For trendier customers there is the Urban Safari line- beautiful pieces comprised of wild animal prints. Ms. Bittner works in polymer clay, a medium that she states “is perfect for hair due to its durability.”

The designer concludes “I design pieces which are aesthetically pleasing AND functional Many women today are so time crunched they forego jewelry. As a mom of twin toddler girls, I for one am usually reaching for a simple pair of studs while running out the door. In the car, I just grab the ‘barrette with bling’ out of my purse, put it in ..and voila!”

 No fuss AND an original fashion statement. How great is that?

-Written by Joanne Sloane for American Salon magazine.


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