Saturday, May 15, 2010

Unapologetically Purple

Need I say more?

So what exactly is it about this color purple that draws me in like a moth to a flame? Well let me trace my steps back...

I've always had a 'thing' for lavender, and as a teen donned it on my eyelids, lips or any accessory or item of clothing I might have happened to be wearing that day. As I got older, my purple of choice became deeper. Magenta ~such a luscious and intense hue with warm red undertones. Up until a few years ago I always preferred THAT hue over the blue-violet color.         

Well suffice it to say that today, blue-violet as well as eggplant, violet, orchid, amethyst or any other purple is welcome anywhere in my home or line of vision. 


Takin' it outdoors with
Eggplant & Forest Shutters

Rich Lavender Fabric Shades in Girls Room 
-Any guess what color their wall  is?

A few years ago I decided to go all out with my favorite color and re-do the master bedroom. I began my search for purple accessories to accent what I envisioned as becoming "my serene haven" away from it all. 

Children would not be allowed to enter, and the bed would get made every day. Clothes would always be in their proper spot in the closet and surfaces such as bedside tables and the bureau would of course be clutter free.

My purple phone and Ipod. 
Ode to my now defunct Ipod-I miss you!

I was striving for a mix of modern sophistication with a dash of art nouveau (hey, I'm  eclectic, what can I say?) I was a little surprised to be directed mostly to teen and tween retailers. The thrill of the hunt ensued however, and I soon stumbled upon an array of purple accent items. 

A great online store for any purple fanatic is none other than  From apparel to kitchenware (i want those colanders!) it's definitely worth checking out. 

So what you may ask became of my serene purple haven? long sigh... Well i've got lots of purple (even the carpet!) There's also lots of laundry to be folded, kids toys strewn about -how many times do I have to tell them! and as of tonight, a foster baby piglet sleeping in the corner. Yes, it's true. Oh well, my life is what it is. but hey...

Least I got my purple! 


in the bath portion of the master bedroom
(I only wish I could remember the name of this fabulous designer/stylist)



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