Monday, March 29, 2010

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


VERONIQUE Aqua and Brown Damask Dangle Earrings

WELCOME, Emily and her Etsy shop LOCKS OF PIZAZZ, where you will find, as Emily states in her shop title's tag line...."Embellisments with elegance for hair, body and soul!" Some items you can choose from will be "hair flair", ear jewelry, pendants and more

Check out my interview with Donna from DZ Fantasy, a wonderful 3D Fiber Artist. Scroll 1/4 of the way down the page to read! READ MORE HERE

Cheers! ;-)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mr. Mudflap

Mr. Mudflap Murphy welcome to your new forever home!

Our decision to adopt this big love muffin was the right one. He was SO worth the 5 hour trip to the Finger Lakes region of NY State. We got him him from Joyful Rescues, a wonderful and dog adoption agency run by a truly committed and caring staff of animal caregivers.    

Mudflap is such a low maintenance fellow! He showers us all with lots of kisses, and is comfortable just hanging out. His manners are impeccable-and he actually comes when he's called! But let's face it, perfect would be boring! He likes people food. Not that I'm giving him any, but he cleans up crumbs and spills very efficiently!

Oh one more not perfect thing. (though depends on the "ear of the beholder" ) but Mudflap? The name is a bit beneath his pedigree. But I admit it is kinda cute and has grown on me somewhat. Yet, I'm not completely sold. I like Murphy or Griffin. But every time I try to call him one of those names, I get told abruptly by my husband that you can't just change someone's name. oh, and Alyssa yells "No, he's Mudflap" But Leslie? She likes Murphy, or 'Murph'. 
Well either way, Mr. Mudflap Murphy Griffin is a very welcome new family member in our home... 

;-) Cheers!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hello My name is...

Hi. My name is Emily Elizabeth and this is my big brown dog Mudflap. 

Okay not yet, but he will be very soon! and yes, you heard right... that's Mudflap!
We are very excited to be adopting this beautiful Irish Wolfhound Mix. He's 3 years old, apparently a total gentleman, and has a face only a mommy could love. (okay daddy too and of course two little girls) I'm going to pick him up this weekend. Will update with more pics. on his arrival home.
Cheers ッ



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