Saturday, August 14, 2010

Visit to Montreal

There is a first for everything, and this summer it was a visit to Montreal. Hard to believe that only 3 hours from the serenity of the "Great North Woods" in northern New Hampshire, we would be in such a bustling  "Euro" like metropolis! The Hotel de la Montagne is a wonderful Art Nouveau inspired hotel -Metro is their logo font as seen on bottom left ;-) and a perfect destination for two weary parents looking for a few extra amenities and a bit of nightlife for one evening.

                                         Lobby of the Hotel de la Montagne

If you go and you are up for it, bring your bike. Montreal has bike lanes through most streets, making it one of the more eco-friendly cities I've been to in awhile. (okay, I admit that might not be saying much!) It was definitely a bit of a novelty, and I know my husband especially enjoyed his ride down by the river path the next day while I went shopping.

Aah yes, speaking of shopping... don't forget your wallet, as there is lots of great shopping! And the rate of exchange is good. There are rows of beautiful boutiques with stunning clothing. and accessories. AND shoes. I must admit I enjoyed seeing people who took fashion hmm, how do I say.... maybe a bit more seriously than some of their American counterparts? Ouch...well an insult to me too. (at least on some days, lol) Retail and waitstaff was friendly everywhere we went, and all were bilingual.

We didn't really do any touristy stuff, as I wanted to get more of a feel for the city and have a chance to relax. The French aesthetics were inspiring, and I was glad to have my sketchbook with me. I'm also feeling inspired to brush up on my French. Yes, I'll be adding that to my list of to do's.

Montreal Que. is a culturally hip, picturesque and very enjoyable city to visit. I definitely look forward to visiting again next year....picking up just where I left off.

                                                 Chess Players in the Park




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