Tuesday, July 28, 2009

♥ Etsy Fave of the Day ♥

saw this Etsy seller on the front page, and simply love her elaborate wirework style!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Toile Treasury

My light blue toile pendant made it into an Etsy Treasury with some beautiful other toile items!

Friday, July 17, 2009

♥ Etsy Fave of the Day ♥

Todays fave is this adorable tooth fairy pillow. Such a great idea! Though we're not quite ready for it yet, I'll be ordering two when the time comes.  ;-)

Friday, July 10, 2009


♥ Etsy Fave of the Day ♥

A very freedom loving fairy .·´¯`·.ォ.·´¯`☼
-by Susan Rodio

Hey All-

Hope you're having a great day or night, and feeling free!

Free you ask? That's "different" you may be thinking...

Well really. Isn't that basically what it all comes down to? To find our 'state of bliss' that is... Free of stress, Free in your relationships, Free to say as you please, Free, just FREE!!

Well I had REAL freedom this week. My girls went to stay with their grandparents for 4 days. The anticipation leading up to it was exciting in and of  itself! No messes to clean up over and over -Wowza! Ooh and all the projects I'd get done! From my neglected yard to my fantasy of claying for 24 hours straight AND uninterrupted! (except for a brief 7 hours or so to sleep) So I made a list. A very l-o-o-n-g 'TO DO' list.

Yeah well.. there are plans, and then there are days. like. yesterday. I didn't count on a bad mood to be part of the scenario while completing my 'list' . The frustration started slowly then snowballed, turning into one of 'those' days. The kind like Tom Petty frets "you just work so hard and nothing seems to come from it". 

We had tickets to go to the theater. (a somewhat rare event) My husband got an earful in the car as I complained and bemoaned the trials and tribulations of SEO. I knew that my mood was ruining our long awaited night out, so I resolved to stop talking or thinking about my day.

Well suffice it to say, it was good to get out. As I sat there in the old amphitheater being transported back in time watching Shakespeare's 'Tempest' -something suddenly dawned on me. The freedom I was so desperately hoping for these few childless days, was being seriously hindered by my thoughts. Who the he** else cares if my closet doesn't get re-organized by Friday? I had actually created my own prison by being rigid and setting hurdles that were just a tad too high. No, you know what? They were WAY too high for a tired mommy who needs at least some REAL downtime.

So did I get everything done? No, of course not. That list was an ideal. But the good news is I accomplished about half of what I intended. And my 24 hour clay time? Well, 4 out of 24 is okay for today. Right now I'm desiring a hot bath, silk pj's and bed. 

Aah... Freedom!

;-) Cheers!



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